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How many photo contests are available?
We sponsor up to 3 (three) concurrent photo competitions approximately 6 (six) times per year.
Can I enter more than one contest?
Yes! You can submit an entry for any number of our open photo contests, so long as your entry is received prior to the deadline.
What are the eligibility requirements to participate?
All entrants must be at least 18 years of age. Our photo contests are open to both professional and non-professionals, worldwide.
What do the winners receive?
We reward 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners with real cash prizes. All winners, including honorable mentions, will have their winning photo exhibited in our online gallery and will also be mentioned in our newsletter. All winners will also be announced via multiple social media platforms including twitter™, facebook™, Digg™, LiveJournal™, flickr®, and more.
Who judges the photos?
All photos are evaluated by the TBM Photography Network judging committee. TBM Photography Network is the parent company of PictureCompete™
Do I retain the rights to my image(s)?
Yes! As a photographer, you retain full copyright of your material. Each entrant and/or photographer assumes responsibility of content of all images submitted and assumes all responsibilities of trademark and other copyright infringements.
What payment methods do you accept for the entry fee?
For your convenience and security, we currently use PayPal® to process all entry fees. We do not accept other forms of payment at this time.
When do you announce the winners?
All winners will be announced via the TBM Photography Newsletter within 7-10 days after the contest ends.
I won! How are the cash prizes disbursed?
All cash prizes will be paid via PayPal® only. All winners have up to 30 days to claim their prize. All cash prizes that remain unclaimed after 30 days will be automatically forfeited.